10 Tips to Avoid Accidents with Cyclists on the Road

Cycling is a sport gaining popularity and becoming more frequent crossing with cyclists on the road when we are driving, both on road and in town. It is a fact that with the arrival of warm weather moves more people cycling, especially during the weekends. Such situations can be dangerous for both cyclists and drivers. In spite of the Highway Code, unfortunately every year we have to lament the death of several cyclists on our roads.

Avoid Accidents with Cyclists

Here are few tips that can reduce the accidents with the cyclist

  • Pay attention to the signs that make you cyclists. There are intermittent, but we warn in advance maneuvers waving his arms.
  • The Highway Code dictates that cyclists have priority over motor vehicles, especially at intersections, changes of direction and roundabouts. Since a car accelerates and brakes more quickly, giving preference to the slow vehicle unless the movement slows down.
  • Overtaking on the road are the sticking point. Overtake the cyclist without invading the opposite lane can be a very dangerous mistake. Remember to keep a minimum lateral distance of 1.5 meters to avoid turbulence that unbalanced the rider.

How to Avoid Accidents when Cycling

  • If central continuous line, to keep a safe distance, the car driver is allowed to exceed the oncoming lane if security conditions allow.
  • Do not hit the bike. If you cannot advance at the time, slow down and not be intimidated. As with other car, you should keep a safe distance in order to perform an emergency stop.
  • When flowing through the oncoming lane overtaking do not do in your lane. Think you can react inappropriately and off the road.
  • You cannot park in bike lanes or crossing points for them. If you need to stop, wait a little longer to find a service road. Better not force the rider to go out and exposed to the road.
  • In town, before leaving the car, check that you will not hit any rider to open the door.
  • Same caution with better or worse equipped cyclists. Remember the helmet, even increase security, does not prevent the damage in case of accident.
  • In case of rain, extreme your care. Bicycle wheels are much more unstable in the wet and cyclist traveling in front of your car may suffer unexpected slips. You must be prepared to react in time.

Remember that 73% of accidents with cyclists on the road occur on urban roads, but is on interurban roads where the highest number of deaths occurs.

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