Avoid Getting Lost While Climbing a Mountain

The risk of lost-Climbing is an activity that is quite fun as well as a healthy sport. Mountain climbing is also beneficial to train physical strength. Although it has been professional in climbing, a climber certainly cannot escape the risk of getting lost while hiking. It happened because of the difficulty of impassable terrain, unpredictable weather conditions as well as other causes.

For that, you should pay attention before climbing. Here are some tricks to avoid the risk of getting lost while hiking and prepare everything carefully and precisely. For that following a review of tricks in order to avoid the risk of getting lost while hiking:

  1. You need to prepare for climbing as carefully and completely as possible

While hiking there are no shops or supermarkets, so preparations such as the provision of food and beverages and clothing while climbing indispensable. Do not forget to include personal items such as: jacket, sandals, day-pack, shoes, masks or buff, gloves, maps, compass etc. You can rent the equipment at the nearest climbing equipment rental or you can buy the essential equipment standard to climb. It is also to anticipate in order to avoid the risk of getting lost while hiking.

  1. Search for information about the flow of the ascent

Take information about the map, the availability of water and more. You can find it through the many articles available on the internet.

  1. Do not forget to report to base-camp

Because the report to base-camp your name and the group will be registered, so that stakeholders can estimate the number of climbers who go up and down as well as facilitate coordination with the parties concerned. For example, when something unexpected happens, such as the risk of getting lost.

  1. Follow the flow of the ascent that has been authorized

There are many roads to reach the top, so too the time down there’s also Groove shortcut directly uphill. But the better you follow the official climbing because it is a major route. So don’t change the route, if there is something that you don’t know, then you have to follow your group member.

  1. Don’t panic

While the risk of lost really occurs or inclement weather occurs then don’t panic. Stay optimistic with seeking help finding a hiking track. You can also try contacting your friends there are others. Pray to God, he will give the best way out.

  1. Do not forget to pray

No one can save us when the risk of loss or risk worse unless Allah SWT, so pray before and during the climb you have to do in order that Allah Almighty always be with us to keep us.


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