How to Find The Perfect Pitch

You took a lot of time finding a perfect campsite, settled on one that you considered to be the perfect one and now you have arrived at the campsite and you are trying to find the perfect pitch. Where you put your choice of shelter, whether it is a tent, caravan or a Motorhome is very important.  If your camping site of choice is not among the ones that you are shown where to pitch, there is no need to worry; here are some tips to help you get pitched.

Consider surrounding waters

Water is life and is very important, however, when it comes to a camping site it can be dangerous.  Whether it is rainwater or stream water, it has to go somewhere. Before pitching you need to check the surrounding waters and ensure that the water will not find its way to your tent and cause you to have a very uncomfortable night.  You also need to avoid low areas there is a higher chance that they maybe flooded when it rains.

Trees can be dangerous

Trees are beautiful and it is always tempting to pitch a tent under the trees.  This can be dangerous, especially when there is a thunderstorm. As much as trees are beautiful, pitching under a tree comes with many disadvantages. The grass under trees is not always of great quality as it is covered.  When it rains, the trees may continue to drip long after the rain has stopped.  Trees are homes to many beautiful birds ; both small and bigger ones. With their common habit of roosting; you will not like what your tent looks like when you are done with the camping trip. Under trees is a big no no, they are not the best place to pitch.

find pitches camnping

Play areas

Many campsites today have included play areas to cater for families with you young children.  Children need to be busy and playing is one of the best ways to ensure that they are occupied. You may consider pitching a tent, caravan or your Motorhome near play areas to allow you, to monitor the kids playing. Although the noise from the kids play area may awaken the young ones sleeping, it is still a great idea to pitch near play areas.

Near amenity blocks

Whether alone or with family pitching near amenity blocks, is a good idea.  It can be very convenient, especially if you have to visit the toilets at night.  The only disadvantage of pitching near amenity blocks is the fact that you are likely to have many people walking around your tent, caravan or Motorhome.

Finding a good pitch can be challenging for new campers but it is not a very difficult thing to do. If you take all the considerations above, then you are assured of having a great camping experience. Always remember that where you pitch has a lot to with whether you have a good camping experience or not. If your nights in a camp are not comfortable then you will be drained and may not have the energy to participate in any outdoor activities.

Getting help from other campers is not a bad idea for any new camper. You may be surprised that the other campers understand the campsite better and are able to suggest to you some of the areas that they consider good for pitching.

Setting up a camp should not take long once you have decided on the perfect place to pitch. All you will need to do is to check the ground and see if there is anything that may damage the tent and the camp setting can begin.

Camping is always a beautiful outdoor activity. It is a great opportunity to unwind and break away from your daily routine duties as they say all work and no play makes John a dull boy.  There are so many activities that one can be part of while camping that helps the body and mind to unwind. The fact that you spend more than a day means that you have a lot of time to reflect on many things about your life. It is a great opportunity to bond with family or friends. By finding the perfect pitch you are half way towards having a great camping experience, whether accompanied by friends, colleagues or family.

Backpacker:  What to pack?

Consider the situation!

Oh dear, I’m excited! That you can not even imagine. Tomorrow we will finally happening – I travel to the other side of the world. About three months ago I have a firm decision to take me a little time out from everyday life and all its quirks and to go to Australia. Understands with wrong, I love my life as it is and all the people in there, but I have a feeling that I have to take care of myself just once. For at least three months. Away from all the stress, the daily influences, trials and tribulations. Only once did I.

Clear makes me afraid, because I am a person who is unwilling to own and also very reluctantly approaching strangers. But I have to grow in my heart to throw all my fears overboard and to make all the things I would never have dared. If you will, it’s a small vacation overcome. 3 months traveling without proper plan on the continent with the most dangerous and most disgusting animals in the world and this little baggage. Yes that occurs to me really hard, because I need a giant suitcase alone when it comes to three days after Madrid time. But I would respond. Only the most important finds its place in my backpack.

backpacking checklist guide

Yes, backpack is important for your travels. Here is quick  list on what you should keep while backpacking:  

Bags / Backpacks

  • Trekking back pack with rain protection (60-80 liters) + cling film to protect the plane
  • Small backpack as hand luggage
  • Abdominal pocket for documents and valuables


  • Passport
  • Identity card
  • flight tickets
  • Visa
  • Credit Cards
  • Cash
  • International driving License
  • Health Insurance
  • Proof of financial means (eg bank statement, required for entry)
  • Address of the first property (often wondered at the airport)
  • Numbers and addresses of insurance, emergency calls, banks, airlines, etc
  • Vaccination certificate
  • Copies of all documents + Saving to a USB flash drive + send e-mail

Technical devices

  • Laptop Charger +
  • Security lock for laptop
  • Phone + charging cable
  • Camera + Camera Case + Charging Cable + Memory Card + Battery
  • Lightweight Travel Tripod + self-timer
  • USB flash drive / external HDD
  • Multiple socket
  • Headphone
  • Power Bank
  • Underwater Case for the mobile phone


  • Comfortable sneakers
  • Flip flops
  • Sandals
  • Sunglasses
  • Long trousers
  • Shorts
  • T-Shirts
  • Dress
  • Cardigan
  • Belt
  • Underwear and Socks
  • Swimsuit
  • Hat, scarf, hat

Culture bag

  • Sunscreen (SPF 50)
  • After-sun lotion
  • Toothbrush + toothpaste + flossing
  • Razor
  • Deo Perfume +
  • Lip Balm with SPF
  • Shower Gel + Shampoo
  • Make up
  • Hair clips / hair tie
  • Brush
  • Nail file, scissors
  • Tampons
  • Travel Sizes for flights (deodorant, etc)

First aid kit

  • (Headers) painkillers
  • Tablets against motion sickness
  • Wound and healing ointment
  • Plaster
  • Anti-diarrheal
  • Bug spray
  • Antibacterial wipes



  • Microfiber Towels
  • Lighter
  • Earplugs
  • 2-3 small castles
  • Retractable Cable Lock
  • several bags (for food, dirty linen, etc.)
  • Lockable bags for liquids in hand luggage
  • Neck Pillow
  • Mosquito net
  • Detergent, stain remover
  • Tape
  • Sewing kit
  • Travel Guide
  • Small Notebook, Diary
  • Eddying pens +
  • Bottle with water filter


  • Offline maps app (Google Maps / CityMaps2Go)
  • Translator (Dictionary)
  • Currency (MyWährung)
  • Free Wifi (WifiMapper)
  • Spotify

Stove in Your Backpack

Keeping a really fit stove in your backpack is very important. You can never avoid a good backpacking stove that is an essential tool for you for your outing. Which is the best fit stove for your travel, tour and adventure?  Your best backpacking stoves reviews is considered on their performance and packing dimensions.

backpacking stove reviews

  • Ultralight Thru Hiker: This is very light in weight, trendy and good for long and multi-days adventures. Designed mainly for single user. Fire-ply wood can be used with this stove.
  • Weekend Campers.  This designed mainly for heating liquid. Any morning hiker can get his/ her coffee easily by this stove.

Packs for Hydration During Trekking

As we all know, human bodies are made up of a large percentage of water, its a vital element in our lives. Proper hydration is important during any physical activity we conduct, in this case trekking. Whenever we go for a walk we take care to carry enough water with us to enable us to go all the human body parts smoothly.

There are now many options for storage and transport containers of liquids constructed in various materials and with different costs, tailored to every budget. Here are some of the options:

  • Military canteens: Commonly built in cantonments are the cheapest options. There for many years in the market and are based on the classic canteens used by members of the armed forces. Most commonly find in the range of green or camouflaged. There are several models, some coated fabric covers, allowing the belt and hook or shoulder hanging by a belt.

Disadvantages: the materials they are made usually of low quality which can transmit unwanted flavors to liquid.

choose Military canteen

  • Aluminum bottles: Constructed in this ultra light material come in different sizes as trekking bottle of aluminum and colors. Its shape is more like that of a bottle, making it easy to carry in the side pocket of the bag, leaving trekker hand free at all times. They have a screw cap, usually made of alloy high-impact plastic; that works in some cases as a simple lid, or other peak metering as a canteen-like cycling.


It is common also that the corks having a ring, so as to allow the passage of a clip to engage the bottle if necessary.

Disadvantage: If drive in the sun, the liquid will heat much faster because of aluminum. They are only suitable for water, it is not possible to transfer other liquids, such as juice, as this may cause diarrhea.

  • Poly-carbonate bottles:  These are very light and durable, built in this high-impact plastic derived, makes them a good choice for carrying purpose. They are products with a very good value and are presented in various formats (wide mouth, narrow mouth) and sizes. There are also a wide range of colors to choose from.

choose polycarbonate bottles

Advantage: Can be placed in the freezer to freeze the contents.

Disadvantage: Some studies argue that the polycarbonate releases certain substances that are harmful to long term health.

  • Stainless steel bottles: Bottle steel similar to aluminum in shape and design; perhaps not as light, but with all the advantages provided hygienic stainless steel and of course much more durable.


Anyone you choose, the important thing is always consider the water to go sightseeing, this will help us be well hydrated to enjoy the sport and more of your lives.

5 Reasons to Sail on Regent Road

Regent Seven Seas are strong words although it is certainly unknown to many Spanish occupies a place of honor as one of the most luxurious companies worldwide. It surges in 1992, when the Radisson hotel chain, decided to move their levels of luxury also the fledgling cruise industry. We remember as one of the few companies that operated a highly sophisticated catamaran, which was the center of attention at every port. The three ships are entering current from 1999. Three ships nearly equal, with a clear idea: media sizes that is perfect to provide levels of excellence, that any cruiser expert demand.

Comes within the venture capital firm Prestige Holdings, along with Oceania in 2006, and has become an asset of Norwegian Cruise Line recently. But the story is quite interesting. Many people ask, face high tariffs in principle, like navigating in the company.

Here are five reasons why you should sail the Seven Seas Voyager:

1) Company with all inclusive (all inclusive)

Many times, there are companies who boast of not having extra costs. Then we check how it in real does not correspond to their commitment. In principle Regent rates they are not low, but always strive to make comparisons with other apparently equally luxurious cruise lines, and highlight the need to see everything Regent offers in the price paid. Of course drinks are included on any boat at any corner.

It’s nothing remarkable, because it is the pattern of any shipping luxury. But we have to forget to pay for field trips, usually online, through pre and post cruise estacias, and even air connections, transfers, and even bonds in the Spa and in the shops of their ships. Not that we save, but it is a competitive product without extra costs.

2) Gourmet kitchen

The kitchen is a major shipping point across. Regent takes great care in all its cuisine. The Compass Rose works as a refined casual main restaurant with open seating, and environment where we have lunch and dinner surrounded by a world of elegance crockery, cutlery, service, and above all infinite quality dishes. Moreover, without nominal cost, we can enjoy the pleasures of a typical American brasserie, where the Surf & Turf is the star of Prime7. Signatures in yellow and gray, and a plate stackers Versace functions as elegant restaurant with French influences.

The buffet becomes the Sette Mari, and specially dressed for dinner, with a delicious and pristine environment, and outdoor terrace perfect for Italian cuisine “alfresco”, and perhaps one of the best buffets of antipasti industry. Besides the Pool Bar & Grill offers more casual, we enjoy perfect teas where the “chocolate tea” is central to this gastronomic event. Dinner plate to plate, in the privacy of your suite for those quiet nights overlooking the seas.

3) Infinite spaces

In the range of luxury cruises there is always an eternal debate. Small is the most exclusive. True, smaller ships, let us not having to go through crowded areas, but in many shipping thought that a large number of passengers on the premium sector do not want to give up the stability of wider dimensions. Regent boats begin to look great, but to be so, it seems that this empty boats. The lobby is immense, and space in shopping area is alarmingly wide. The pool deck is wide, and all in each of the timeless classic and delightfully decorated rooms breathing space ship.

A large theater without columns, and where we should not fight over getting the best sites, bars where good seats left over, and lifts for those who are never perfect expect me to feel at your leisure. With just over 40,000 tonnes only it takes 768 passengers and 451 crew.

4) Tastefully decorated

Upon entering the lobbies of the Regent ships breathe an air of restrained elegance, simplicity and Scandinavian in every corner. Not surprisingly the boats have been designed in the Nordic countries. They are characterized by a serene beauty care materials where marble, wood and fabrics dominate with an exquisite combination of colors and textures. The common areas are concentrated on Decks 4, 5 and 6 and there are special corners, that from the first moment you will feel at home, or in a boutique hotel.

5) The best suites in the industry

There is something that unites the Seven Seas Voyager and NeoRiviera carrying twice as many passengers. And they are sharing helmets. With this amount of double-spaced, Voyager like the other ships of the company they do not have interior cabins, so that the outer (all of them, and almost all with balconies) are twice as large as any luxury cabin. It is difficult to see a shipping luxury with a display of remarkable square meters. True, those are opulent luxury, but all of them, to more “core” are especially nice. Discrete tones, classic and light wood, and simple but solid wood furniture. You can enjoy:

  • Four King size
  • Custom-mini bar
  • Espaciosos Changing rooms and marble bathrooms with L’Occitane products
  • Interactive program on the flat screen with a hundred movies
  • Welcome champagne-bottle-cleaning service 24 hours
  • Fruit Fresh and flowers welcome
  • Details As slippers, bathrobes, umbrellas, cashmere blanket.

Offers a wide range of amenities, ranging from butlers, and preferences in a lot of services, discounts and luxurious touches such as binoculars, Illy coffee machines, Hermes amenities, or port “dock” for iphone in the higher classes, and other Apple products.

Introduction to Tools, Techniques & Instruments for Outing

As the definition says, is oriented east and find the rest of the cardinal points. But when we talk about an adventurous inroad in remote natural environments, making trekking, hiking or exploration, in addition to being oriented at all times through the corners this adventurer would have to master all the techniques possible orientation.

How a guidance manual says: “The tools for exploring nature” and the thing goes through there. Learn and master the techniques of counseling and land navigation, mapping and learn procedures position on the charts, as an operator knows how their tools, it is essential to explore the nature without missing.

Tools used the adventurous trip

  • Maps,
  • Compasses
  • GPS are tools

Topographic maps

The general mapping and topographic maps in particular are one of the tools. Maps and charts are representations of portions of the earth’s surface they have been reduced proportionately (to scale) for observation.

These representations in a plane have information that can be read directly (as posts, villages, rivers, landscapes, etc.), information that can be measured (distances, directions) and information in three dimensions to be interpreted.

Through altimetry, using heights (heights above sea level), and equidistance contours can obtain heights, slopes, identify edges and streams; so we can imagine the relief of the surface we observe.


Find the east and from there the rest of the cardinal points: N, S, E, W and based on these quadrants: NE, SE, SW, NW. To find the east and the rest of the cardinal points and there are several methods that divide two groups in natural and instrumental methods:

  • Natural methods of guidance: they are derived from the stars. The movement of the sun and stars. The rising and setting in the lexicon of stallholders, carriers and field men. The Southern Cross in the southern hemisphere. Mosses on stones and trees that indicate South to name a few.
  • Instrumental methods of guidance are given by three instruments: compass, altimeter and GPS Each has its benefits and limitations. It is important to use all the options of each to realize their potential.


Knowing the position and to place it on the topographic map is the key.

An element to consider is the position line. A line position in the city is a street or an avenue. We can say a street and a height and reach a meeting point in the city. We can say the intersection of two streets and get a fix.

In nature it is the same. A river is a line position shown in the field and in the topographic map. One direction is a direction of a reference in the field that can take it to the topographic map as a steering angle and draw a line.

Geographical coordinates are read on the display of GPS can take them to the topographic map as parallels and meridians and we can get a position. There are several techniques that can be used in position topographic maps according to the instruments.  We have available as Compass, altimeter, GPS, environmental conditions of visibility, references in the field, through the method of triangulation by geographical coordinates, flat and polar coordinates.

Land Navigation

Sailing is moved from one position to another following a referral system. In the cities we sailed along the streets and heights in the area sailed following different natural, artificial and instrumental references to advance a march, walking or hiking and always knowing where and where we go out. When we have paths, marked and signposted chopped navigation becomes apparent.

When we point the way (point position) of our destination loaded in the GPS, there is good signal and the equipment has batteries, navigation is simple. But when we are off-road with varying visibility and we topographic map and compass, there mastering techniques and navigation with compass position are vital. Mastering the different techniques of land navigation compass allows us the ability to move on the ground and give us autonomy and security.

These tools, techniques and procedures have to be learnt, master them and practice them. Making use experience we will manage more accurately and give us many possibilities when planning and making a trip, a trek or a scan.

Besides the topographic map has a lot of information that can be used in planning the trip. The level of information that gives us lets us know the type of terrain, terrain heights, vegetation, water courses, distances, directions, coordinates and to calculate the running time backpacking that require us trace the route.

10 Tips to Avoid Accidents with Cyclists on the Road

Cycling is a sport gaining popularity and becoming more frequent crossing with cyclists on the road when we are driving, both on road and in town. It is a fact that with the arrival of warm weather moves more people cycling, especially during the weekends. Such situations can be dangerous for both cyclists and drivers. In spite of the Highway Code, unfortunately every year we have to lament the death of several cyclists on our roads.

Avoid Accidents with Cyclists

Here are few tips that can reduce the accidents with the cyclist

  • Pay attention to the signs that make you cyclists. There are intermittent, but we warn in advance maneuvers waving his arms.
  • The Highway Code dictates that cyclists have priority over motor vehicles, especially at intersections, changes of direction and roundabouts. Since a car accelerates and brakes more quickly, giving preference to the slow vehicle unless the movement slows down.
  • Overtaking on the road are the sticking point. Overtake the cyclist without invading the opposite lane can be a very dangerous mistake. Remember to keep a minimum lateral distance of 1.5 meters to avoid turbulence that unbalanced the rider.

How to Avoid Accidents when Cycling

  • If central continuous line, to keep a safe distance, the car driver is allowed to exceed the oncoming lane if security conditions allow.
  • Do not hit the bike. If you cannot advance at the time, slow down and not be intimidated. As with other car, you should keep a safe distance in order to perform an emergency stop.
  • When flowing through the oncoming lane overtaking do not do in your lane. Think you can react inappropriately and off the road.
  • You cannot park in bike lanes or crossing points for them. If you need to stop, wait a little longer to find a service road. Better not force the rider to go out and exposed to the road.
  • In town, before leaving the car, check that you will not hit any rider to open the door.
  • Same caution with better or worse equipped cyclists. Remember the helmet, even increase security, does not prevent the damage in case of accident.
  • In case of rain, extreme your care. Bicycle wheels are much more unstable in the wet and cyclist traveling in front of your car may suffer unexpected slips. You must be prepared to react in time.

Remember that 73% of accidents with cyclists on the road occur on urban roads, but is on interurban roads where the highest number of deaths occurs.

Some Interesting Winter Sports You Can Enjoy

Winter is the special period of time in a year when people can have a lot of fun with different kind of outdoor activities such as playing some great exciting sports. The sports usually played in winter are called winter sports. There is another reason to be called as winter sports because you cannot play them in other seasons. The best thing is that you don’t have to be shedding a single drop of sweat while sporting.

Because, in winter, the weather is normally cool though the weather varies country to country. There are a large number of winter sports that generally are popular all over the world. Let us have a look at some most popular of them.

Alpine Snowboarding:

Alpine Snowboarding Tip

Alpine Snowboarding is one of the most exciting winter sports which is full of fun and adventure. In the list I would like to place it very first. Alpine snowboarding is kind of snowboarding which generally practiced on a groomed piste. Alpine snowboarding was introduced for the first time in 1998 Winter Olympic Games and since then 42 of Olympic medals have been given till 2006, among them 14 bronze, 14 silver, and 14 gold.

Alpine Skiing:

tip on Alpine Skiing

Alpine skiing is another winter sport that I would like to place next to Alpine snowboarding. It is mainly a competitive sport. A participant or a rider needs to glide on snow using his skis that are attached to his feet. There are several types of skiing and Alpine is the most popular among them, in the same time the most dangerous one as well. The skiers also participate in different major events like Winter Olympic, World Cup etc.

Ice Hockey:

Ice Hockey tricks

Ice hockey, a winter game, is played as a team. The game is played between two different teams on ice using hockey sticks to shoot a puck. Ice hockey is considered the major game in few parts of the world such as Canada, and United States especially in the northern part.

Figure Skating:

Figure Skating Sports

There are numerous exciting games that can be reformed individually and here Figure skating is the best among them. Figure skating is also considered as the first winter sport that included in 1908 Olympic events. There are few disciplines of it in current Olympic such as ice dancing, pair skating, men’s single, and women’s single. Figure skating is also included in major events in different parts of the world especially in Europe.

Ski Jumping:

Ski jumping, a kind of Nordic skiing, has also great popularity where the participant or the skier jumps with skis and flies as distance as possible. Though ski jumping is a winter game but it is practiced in summer these days by creating artificial surface as it needs for. The game was first introduced in 1924. It is also believed that the game is originated in Norway.


Bobsled Sport tip

Bobsled is mainly a team game a team can be consisted of two to four players. Basically, they make a timed run on iced track in the gravity-powered sled. The very first Bobsled tracks were built in Switzerland.

Slopestyle Snowboarding:

Slopestyle Snowboarding Guide

Slopestyle is one of the popular winter sports especially categorized as action sport.  It is considered that the roots of slopestyle are MMX and skateboarding combined. Basically, spin, flips, grinds, and grabs are the main four categories slopestyle snowboarding. In 2014, Slopestyle was introduced in Winter Olympic for the first time in Sochi, Russia.


In Curling, there are two different teams having and each team consists of four players. The main elements are bowl, shuffleboard and boules. As a team game curling needs a great teamwork and good strategy. Curling was first originated in Scotland. The game is also known as “Chess on ice” in some parts of the world.

Nordic Combined:

It is a competitive winter sport where the participants compete into cross-country skiing and ski jumping. There are mainly two major competition where Nordic combined is performed at Winter Olympic and Combined FIS World Cup. In 1924, the game was introduced first in the Winter Olympic.


Skeleton game sport guide

Skeleton is one of the fast sliding winter sports where the participants ride small sled, lying face down the track. Surprisingly the participants or riders experience the speed over 130 KM per hour. This winter game was also introduced in Winter Olympic in 2002.


Bobsleigh racing is another winter sport though may not similarly popular like all other sports mentioned earlier but it has its own value in Winter Olympic. People from different countries like to save a place for bobsleigh in top ten winter sports list.

Short Track Speed Skating:

Here is another one, exciting and full of fun. Short track speed skating is generally popular for its unpredictable nature. It is a genre of skating where participants maneuver the course with tight track and sharp turn precisely at an extraordinary speed. The game is also performed in winter Olympic.


Luge game outdoor

Lugo is another popular winter sport. During 2010 winter Olympic, unbelievably luge took the place of third most watching game and the second talked about.    

This is not a complete list of all the winter sports as we know there are lots of winter sports popular in different parts of the globe but I just tried to show some of them especially those are most popular all over the world. Every single sport I mentioned above is exciting and thrill filled though none of them is free form danger. Hope you enjoyed it.