How to Find The Perfect Pitch

You took a lot of time finding a perfect campsite, settled on one that you considered to be the perfect one and now you have arrived at the campsite and you are trying to find the perfect pitch. Where you put your choice of shelter, whether it is a tent, caravan or a Motorhome is very important.  If your camping site of choice is not among the ones that you are shown where to pitch, there is no need to worry; here are some tips to help you get pitched.

Consider surrounding waters

Water is life and is very important, however, when it comes to a camping site it can be dangerous.  Whether it is rainwater or stream water, it has to go somewhere. Before pitching you need to check the surrounding waters and ensure that the water will not find its way to your tent and cause you to have a very uncomfortable night.  You also need to avoid low areas there is a higher chance that they maybe flooded when it rains.

Trees can be dangerous

Trees are beautiful and it is always tempting to pitch a tent under the trees.  This can be dangerous, especially when there is a thunderstorm. As much as trees are beautiful, pitching under a tree comes with many disadvantages. The grass under trees is not always of great quality as it is covered.  When it rains, the trees may continue to drip long after the rain has stopped.  Trees are homes to many beautiful birds ; both small and bigger ones. With their common habit of roosting; you will not like what your tent looks like when you are done with the camping trip. Under trees is a big no no, they are not the best place to pitch.

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Play areas

Many campsites today have included play areas to cater for families with you young children.  Children need to be busy and playing is one of the best ways to ensure that they are occupied. You may consider pitching a tent, caravan or your Motorhome near play areas to allow you, to monitor the kids playing. Although the noise from the kids play area may awaken the young ones sleeping, it is still a great idea to pitch near play areas.

Near amenity blocks

Whether alone or with family pitching near amenity blocks, is a good idea.  It can be very convenient, especially if you have to visit the toilets at night.  The only disadvantage of pitching near amenity blocks is the fact that you are likely to have many people walking around your tent, caravan or Motorhome.

Finding a good pitch can be challenging for new campers but it is not a very difficult thing to do. If you take all the considerations above, then you are assured of having a great camping experience. Always remember that where you pitch has a lot to with whether you have a good camping experience or not. If your nights in a camp are not comfortable then you will be drained and may not have the energy to participate in any outdoor activities.

Getting help from other campers is not a bad idea for any new camper. You may be surprised that the other campers understand the campsite better and are able to suggest to you some of the areas that they consider good for pitching.

Setting up a camp should not take long once you have decided on the perfect place to pitch. All you will need to do is to check the ground and see if there is anything that may damage the tent and the camp setting can begin.

Camping is always a beautiful outdoor activity. It is a great opportunity to unwind and break away from your daily routine duties as they say all work and no play makes John a dull boy.  There are so many activities that one can be part of while camping that helps the body and mind to unwind. The fact that you spend more than a day means that you have a lot of time to reflect on many things about your life. It is a great opportunity to bond with family or friends. By finding the perfect pitch you are half way towards having a great camping experience, whether accompanied by friends, colleagues or family.

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