Some Interesting Winter Sports You Can Enjoy

Winter is the special period of time in a year when people can have a lot of fun with different kind of outdoor activities such as playing some great exciting sports. The sports usually played in winter are called winter sports. There is another reason to be called as winter sports because you cannot play them in other seasons. The best thing is that you don’t have to be shedding a single drop of sweat while sporting.

Because, in winter, the weather is normally cool though the weather varies country to country. There are a large number of winter sports that generally are popular all over the world. Let us have a look at some most popular of them.

Alpine Snowboarding:

Alpine Snowboarding Tip

Alpine Snowboarding is one of the most exciting winter sports which is full of fun and adventure. In the list I would like to place it very first. Alpine snowboarding is kind of snowboarding which generally practiced on a groomed piste. Alpine snowboarding was introduced for the first time in 1998 Winter Olympic Games and since then 42 of Olympic medals have been given till 2006, among them 14 bronze, 14 silver, and 14 gold.

Alpine Skiing:

tip on Alpine Skiing

Alpine skiing is another winter sport that I would like to place next to Alpine snowboarding. It is mainly a competitive sport. A participant or a rider needs to glide on snow using his skis that are attached to his feet. There are several types of skiing and Alpine is the most popular among them, in the same time the most dangerous one as well. The skiers also participate in different major events like Winter Olympic, World Cup etc.

Ice Hockey:

Ice Hockey tricks

Ice hockey, a winter game, is played as a team. The game is played between two different teams on ice using hockey sticks to shoot a puck. Ice hockey is considered the major game in few parts of the world such as Canada, and United States especially in the northern part.

Figure Skating:

Figure Skating Sports

There are numerous exciting games that can be reformed individually and here Figure skating is the best among them. Figure skating is also considered as the first winter sport that included in 1908 Olympic events. There are few disciplines of it in current Olympic such as ice dancing, pair skating, men’s single, and women’s single. Figure skating is also included in major events in different parts of the world especially in Europe.

Ski Jumping:

Ski jumping, a kind of Nordic skiing, has also great popularity where the participant or the skier jumps with skis and flies as distance as possible. Though ski jumping is a winter game but it is practiced in summer these days by creating artificial surface as it needs for. The game was first introduced in 1924. It is also believed that the game is originated in Norway.


Bobsled Sport tip

Bobsled is mainly a team game a team can be consisted of two to four players. Basically, they make a timed run on iced track in the gravity-powered sled. The very first Bobsled tracks were built in Switzerland.

Slopestyle Snowboarding:

Slopestyle Snowboarding Guide

Slopestyle is one of the popular winter sports especially categorized as action sport.  It is considered that the roots of slopestyle are MMX and skateboarding combined. Basically, spin, flips, grinds, and grabs are the main four categories slopestyle snowboarding. In 2014, Slopestyle was introduced in Winter Olympic for the first time in Sochi, Russia.


In Curling, there are two different teams having and each team consists of four players. The main elements are bowl, shuffleboard and boules. As a team game curling needs a great teamwork and good strategy. Curling was first originated in Scotland. The game is also known as “Chess on ice” in some parts of the world.

Nordic Combined:

It is a competitive winter sport where the participants compete into cross-country skiing and ski jumping. There are mainly two major competition where Nordic combined is performed at Winter Olympic and Combined FIS World Cup. In 1924, the game was introduced first in the Winter Olympic.


Skeleton game sport guide

Skeleton is one of the fast sliding winter sports where the participants ride small sled, lying face down the track. Surprisingly the participants or riders experience the speed over 130 KM per hour. This winter game was also introduced in Winter Olympic in 2002.


Bobsleigh racing is another winter sport though may not similarly popular like all other sports mentioned earlier but it has its own value in Winter Olympic. People from different countries like to save a place for bobsleigh in top ten winter sports list.

Short Track Speed Skating:

Here is another one, exciting and full of fun. Short track speed skating is generally popular for its unpredictable nature. It is a genre of skating where participants maneuver the course with tight track and sharp turn precisely at an extraordinary speed. The game is also performed in winter Olympic.


Luge game outdoor

Lugo is another popular winter sport. During 2010 winter Olympic, unbelievably luge took the place of third most watching game and the second talked about.    

This is not a complete list of all the winter sports as we know there are lots of winter sports popular in different parts of the globe but I just tried to show some of them especially those are most popular all over the world. Every single sport I mentioned above is exciting and thrill filled though none of them is free form danger. Hope you enjoyed it.

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