5 Reasons to Sail on Regent Road

Regent Seven Seas are strong words although it is certainly unknown to many Spanish occupies a place of honor as one of the most luxurious companies worldwide. It surges in 1992, when the Radisson hotel chain, decided to move their levels of luxury also the fledgling cruise industry. We remember as one of the few companies that operated a highly sophisticated catamaran, which was the center of attention at every port. The three ships are entering current from 1999. Three ships nearly equal, with a clear idea: media sizes that is perfect to provide levels of excellence, that any cruiser expert demand.

Comes within the venture capital firm Prestige Holdings, along with Oceania in 2006, and has become an asset of Norwegian Cruise Line recently. But the story is quite interesting. Many people ask, face high tariffs in principle, like navigating in the company.

Here are five reasons why you should sail the Seven Seas Voyager:

1) Company with all inclusive (all inclusive)

Many times, there are companies who boast of not having extra costs. Then we check how it in real does not correspond to their commitment. In principle Regent rates they are not low, but always strive to make comparisons with other apparently equally luxurious cruise lines, and highlight the need to see everything Regent offers in the price paid. Of course drinks are included on any boat at any corner.

It’s nothing remarkable, because it is the pattern of any shipping luxury. But we have to forget to pay for field trips, usually online, through pre and post cruise estacias, and even air connections, transfers, and even bonds in the Spa and in the shops of their ships. Not that we save, but it is a competitive product without extra costs.

2) Gourmet kitchen

The kitchen is a major shipping point across. Regent takes great care in all its cuisine. The Compass Rose works as a refined casual main restaurant with open seating, and environment where we have lunch and dinner surrounded by a world of elegance crockery, cutlery, service, and above all infinite quality dishes. Moreover, without nominal cost, we can enjoy the pleasures of a typical American brasserie, where the Surf & Turf is the star of Prime7. Signatures in yellow and gray, and a plate stackers Versace functions as elegant restaurant with French influences.

The buffet becomes the Sette Mari, and specially dressed for dinner, with a delicious and pristine environment, and outdoor terrace perfect for Italian cuisine “alfresco”, and perhaps one of the best buffets of antipasti industry. Besides the Pool Bar & Grill offers more casual, we enjoy perfect teas where the “chocolate tea” is central to this gastronomic event. Dinner plate to plate, in the privacy of your suite for those quiet nights overlooking the seas.

3) Infinite spaces

In the range of luxury cruises there is always an eternal debate. Small is the most exclusive. True, smaller ships, let us not having to go through crowded areas, but in many shipping thought that a large number of passengers on the premium sector do not want to give up the stability of wider dimensions. Regent boats begin to look great, but to be so, it seems that this empty boats. The lobby is immense, and space in shopping area is alarmingly wide. The pool deck is wide, and all in each of the timeless classic and delightfully decorated rooms breathing space ship.

A large theater without columns, and where we should not fight over getting the best sites, bars where good seats left over, and lifts for those who are never perfect expect me to feel at your leisure. With just over 40,000 tonnes only it takes 768 passengers and 451 crew.

4) Tastefully decorated

Upon entering the lobbies of the Regent ships breathe an air of restrained elegance, simplicity and Scandinavian in every corner. Not surprisingly the boats have been designed in the Nordic countries. They are characterized by a serene beauty care materials where marble, wood and fabrics dominate with an exquisite combination of colors and textures. The common areas are concentrated on Decks 4, 5 and 6 and there are special corners, that from the first moment you will feel at home, or in a boutique hotel.

5) The best suites in the industry

There is something that unites the Seven Seas Voyager and NeoRiviera carrying twice as many passengers. And they are sharing helmets. With this amount of double-spaced, Voyager like the other ships of the company they do not have interior cabins, so that the outer (all of them, and almost all with balconies) are twice as large as any luxury cabin. It is difficult to see a shipping luxury with a display of remarkable square meters. True, those are opulent luxury, but all of them, to more “core” are especially nice. Discrete tones, classic and light wood, and simple but solid wood furniture. You can enjoy:

  • Four King size
  • Custom-mini bar
  • Espaciosos Changing rooms and marble bathrooms with L’Occitane products
  • Interactive program on the flat screen with a hundred movies
  • Welcome champagne-bottle-cleaning service 24 hours
  • Fruit Fresh and flowers welcome
  • Details As slippers, bathrobes, umbrellas, cashmere blanket.

Offers a wide range of amenities, ranging from butlers, and preferences in a lot of services, discounts and luxurious touches such as binoculars, Illy coffee machines, Hermes amenities, or port “dock” for iphone in the higher classes, and other Apple products.