Travelling Tips For Newbie

Travelling is sometimes compered to our life, because both of them are full of fun, adventure and sometimes suffering too. If you are planning to go for travelling and looking for some effective tips to make the journey more enjoyable, then have a look. Here is a short list of most effective travelling tips that you need to know before travelling.

No. 1) Pack less things

You should start travelling with just a hand-luggage that carries only necessary things. What do you think, you really need five pairs of shoes and an iron? If not, then pack less but most important things. You can cut your toothbrush in half to make it small and easier to carry. Pack less and travel easier, cheaper, and faster.

No. 2) Leave guidebooks home

You don’t have to bring the whole guidebooks, just make one or two copies only the pages you should keep with while travelling. It will definitely save weight and space as well.

No. 3) Choose seat carefully

If you get an opportunity to choose your seat then choose it carefully. In that case I would like to suggest you not to choose a seat besides babies, women (if you are a men), and groups of young guys who are going to chat with loud laughter the whole way. Babies create unwanted awkward situation and you may get involved in it. And women, ladies tend to go to toilet more often than the men.

No. 4) Use memorizing power:

Just memorize few handful words of local language and try to use them. You don’t need to be an expert of that specific language, just learn few useful, meaningful words to communicate or surprise the local people. And get surprised how it works because locals have a tendency to warm the people who communicate with them using their own language.

No. 5) Enjoy airport lounge

If you are going to fly a long way, try to pre-book an airport lounge. It might cost high but you will get an awesome environment with some impressive facilities like complementary drinks, good food, newspapers, magazines, Wi-Fi etc. It will let you make a fresh start to your journey.

No. 6) Bring a smart device

Most people don’t bring an expensive things when they are ready for travelling because there is always chance to lose them. In that case I would like to suggest you to bring at least a tab or a smartphone which can connect you to internet. While traveling, you will definitely be needed to get connected to internet at any time.

No. 7) Look before every time you leave

You are travelling in a foreign country and suddenly you find out that your passport is missing. Think once more what is going to happen then. To avoid the situation, always look back whenever you ready to leave any place like a cafe, a bar or an airport etc. and make sure that you have not left anything behind.

No. 8) Use alternative language

If you ever get stuck with a language barrier, use your body language to communicate. Suppose, you don’t know local language, the local doesn’t know your language. It is the time to use body now. Always make full stop with a smile and remember it the international language that known to all around the world.

No. 9) Bring some effective things

Do not forget to take the important things you need like Tiger Balm, emergency medicine, a pack of playing cards, a mini DVD player or a tab etc. A DVD player or a tab with cartoon movies is enough to keep your kids busy. If you are travelling with a group of friends and get stuck in unexpected delay, you can pass the time by playing the playing cards.

No. 10) Do not hurry

Traveling can be compared to life which is full of journey, full of fun. Don’t try to reach your destination as fast as possible. Travel slowly and remember you will discover more.

So, are you ready for travelling? Now have a look on your luggage once more and make sure you packed every important things you need to bring. Keep in mind the tips mentioned above and have an excellent suffering free safe travelling.

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